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Summary: Killer Tuna Fishing!

Full Report:

 We had a few boats head back to the docks early today with a great catch! We had an absolutely beautiful day here today with high temperatures around 80 degrees. After a few overcast days with cool temperatures we were glad for the sun to come out. We had lots of Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Bigeye Tuna thrown up on the docks again today. Our Offshore fleet finally was able to make it out after a few days of wind and rough seas.

We had one boat out in the Nearshore fleet today and they came back to the docks with one 61 pound Cobia! They searched long and hard but they found one and boy was it a nice one!

We had a boat out in the sound inlet fishing today as well and he got his hands on some Striped Bass! Not quite keeper size but they are always a fun catch!