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Summary: Citation Wahoos! Yellowfin Limit!

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It was another beautiful day here at Pirates Cove Marina! Fishing was good and is getting better by the day! Today we had a great catch of Yellowfin Tuna, BIG Wahoos and a few Mahi Mahi! It was a great day of fishing we have had a few boats in the past few days with a MEAT FISH SLAM! They don't have happen all the time but when they do you want to be on the other side of the rod! A meat fish slam consists of a species of Tuna, A Mahi Mahi and a Wahoo! Great catches all around today! Give us a call and lets get you fishing!

The sun came out and the wind died down enough to see the Cobia! We had a great catch of Cobia, Spanish Mackrel and Bluefish today! Check us out online at where you can check out all of our boats, captains, available trips and even book your next adventure! 



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Summary: Citation Wahoos! Yellowfin Limit!

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