The fleet continues to score big with Tuna!  Several citations were handed out today for some good sized catches.  We also had several Wahoo and Gaffer Dolphin laid  out on the docks just to keep things interesting!  The Nearshore boats also got in on the tuna action with their full day charters!  Inshore, they were catching ribbon fish and Spanish Mackerel.  The weather is beautiful and the fishing is Off the Hook!  Get here fast!! If you need help booking a trip, just give us a call at (252) 473-3906 or Book Online!  We’d love to help you write your next fish tail!!  Congratulations to the following anglers who received citations today:  Davis Halstead 78 lb Yellowfin Tuna; Parker Clayton 77 lb. Yellowfin Tuna; Robert McDonnell 115 lb BigEye Tuna and Cheryl McLeskey for her 86 lb. Wahoo!!