A pretty day in the Outer Banks lent itself to a great day fishing!  Three Bluefin Tuna were caught today, Canyon Runner 48′ brought in a 205 lb-er, A-Salt-Weapon brought home a 142 lb-er, and Canyon Runner brought home a 218lb bluefin as well, with a report of releasing one over 350lbs!!!  What an awesome day on the water.


We’re hoping this warm weather sticks around, while we turn our clocks back tonight for some more daylight (don’t forget)!  Trips will be longer with more daylight, the Tuna are being caught, so make sure you call the Booking Desk to reserve your charter.  1.800.367.4728 or book online.  Make up trip requests can also be completed online by clicking "Charters" > Make Up Trips, and filling out the online form!  You can also check availability of all of our boats online as well. 


Two more boats in our Charter Fleet, Obsession & Country Girl returned from their warm season down South in Isla Mujeres, Mexico today, to warm, but not AS warm weather.


There will be a few boats out tomorrow, so check back to see how they did tomorrow evening!