Another great day of Tuna and Mahi fishing for our dedicated Anglers! A handful of Offshore Boats ventured out for a bit of a bumpy day, but the end result was worth it, they brought in boxes of Bailer & Gaffer Mahi, Yellow-Fin Tuna, Black-fin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna and Wahoo… Congratulations to Haphazard on their Meat Slam today, and Congratulations to these Anglers on their citations for today…Taylor Brooks with 2 BigEye, Erwin Crusen with a 65 lb Wahoo, and Kevin Goldsmith with a 65 lb Mahi….

Our Nearshore and Inlet Charters went out in search for the Cobia, but had more catch & release then catch and keep..They also caught some Spanish Mackeral, Bluefish, and a nice Black Drum was caught today too..

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