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The Pirate’s Cove charter fleet and private boats had another great day with the Bluefin Tuna catch today!  The smaller private boats came in by lunchtime with their catches as the wind and seas picked up.  A 27′ Contender fishing from PC Marina brought in a 200 pounder after a 2 1/2 hour fight.  The crew said the fish were hungry and biting as soon as they dropped their lines.  Sea Buds also had a nice catch . A Salt Weapon hooked several large bluefins.  The Canyon Runner 48′ brought in their monster for the season with a 91" Bluefin weighing in at 375 pounds! The fish are definitely here!!  Call us to book your charter at 800-367-4728  or come by the Ship’s Store and visit.  We are also looking for make up parties.  The Ship’s Store is stocking new Spring Merchandise so stop by and check us out.  Remember that we also sell Ethanol Free Premium gas at the dock.