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Several of our offshore boats are spending January, February and into March Sailfishing the waters off the northern Yucatan Peninsula from Isla Mujeres.  A Salt Weapon, Bi-op-sea, Country Girl, Haphazard and Obsession are all enjoying amazing fishing and beautiful weather.  Most of the boats still have a few days available if you are interested in leaving the winter cold and warming up!  One of the Captains reported that he and two other Pirate’s Cove charter boats have had 3 days of calm seas and fantastic fishing. The group on one of the boats caught 41 sailfish out of at least 65 bites in one day.  The day was a mixture of trolling bites and fishing around birds!   Call us if you are interested in trip information or booking a trip for fishing here in the Atlantic.  We’ll be glad to get you out there to the fish. Call us at the booking desk at 252-473-3906 or come by and visit us at the Ship’s Store!