It was a busy day on the docks today! The Offshore Fleet showed up with catches of Bigeye Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Tilefish! Country Girl brought in a 362lb Blue Marlin while other boats released Blue Marlin, White Marlins, and Sailfish! Nearshore charters had plentiful catches of Spanish Mackerel!

Congrats on your citations today: Patrick Flaherty on All In  (86lb Yellowfin + 115lb Bigeye), Andrea Mackey (82lb Yellowfin), Candon Mackey (101lb Bigeye), Christopher Thomas (125lb Bigeye), Todd Ticknor (72lb Yellowfin), Matthew Trombley (95lb Yellowfin), Alex Florence (72lb Yellowfin), Eric Schnitzler (159lb Bigeye), Andrew Cooper (151lb Bigeye), Wayne Myers (Blue Marlin release), Tom Wiebking (81lb Yellowfin), Kevin Patane (98lb Yellowfin), Richard Holman (122lb Bigeye), Johnathan Arndt (141lb Bigeye), Nathan Arndt (134lb Bigye), Robert Ball (90lb Yellowfin + White Marlin Release), and Jake Green (362lb Blue Marlin)!

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