The seas were less than perfect today, but luckily for the Anglers the fish didn’t mind.!. The Offshore Fleet had a good day catching a mix variety of Big-Eye, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo…We also had a Sailfish caught and released which lead to a couple citations..Congratulations John Hancock on your Wahoo and Gary Mason on your Sailfish citations today…Near-shore went bottom fishing and caught a mixed bag of Spanish mackerel, Bluefish, Flounder, and some caught a couple Mahi..The weather might not have been sunny today, but all the anglers who left the docks this morning came back happy with fish…Want to get in on the action?! Come see us in the Ship’s Store, give us a call 252-473-3906, or visit us online at to book your trip today.!.