The Offshore Charters arrived back at the marina with boxes full of Tuna! Bigeyes, Yellowfins, and Blackfins were all in the mix along with some Gaffer Mahi! There were two Sailfish released off of the Hog Wild today! The Nearshore Fleet had great catch of Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish!

Congrats on your citations today: John Payne (208lb Bigeye Tuna), Jimmy Maupin (91lb Yellowfin), Craig Hall (92lb Yellowfin + 135lb Bigeye), Sean Joyce (75lb Yellowfin + 101lb Bigeye), Keith Sesny (Sailfish release, 135lb Bigeye +89lb Yellowfin), Nathaniel Newell (Sailfish release + 81lb Yellowfin), Brandon Hensley (87lb Yellowfin), Jeffrey Macrae (85lb Yellowfin), Trenton Pitts (78lb Yellowfin), Corey Sprouse (125lb Bigeye), Ashton Pitts (104lb Bigeye), Andrew Kahn (53lb Dolphin), Jackson Walkes (80lb Yellowfin), Charles Thomas (128lb Bigeye), Raymond Laust (114lb Bigeye), Noah Aragao (90lb Yellowfin), and Jackson Walker (90lb Yellowfin)!

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